TCU’s graphic design department now stands alone.

Graphic design coordinator Lewis Glaser said that the department made an administrative division June 1. 

The changes to the program have been made based on recent demands and will be  beneficial for both current and future students in the program, Glaser said.

“Becoming administratively independent makes us able to represent our needs in a more direct way,” Glaser said.

The new graphic design unit plans to make arrangements with various departments across campus including the Neeley School of Business, strategic communications, anthropology and more.

Glaser said that students currently in the graphic design program may not even recognize the changes administration has made, but the revamped program will take huge strides to make students valuable graphic designers.

“We’ve got two basic directions in our curriculum the way it’s structured right now,” Glaser said. “The B.F.A. in graphic design is kind of our traditional degree, and it’s a very specialized professional degree. The other degree that we have is a B.A. in design studies, which is a very different situation. It is a liberal arts degree and it is only the fifth year that we have offered it.”

Glaser said he expects the new program to allow the students to have their pick of internships and entry level positions to lead to successful careers.

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Alexa McBride is a junior Journalism major and Film, TV, and Digital Media minor from Orange County, California. She is an Academics reporter for TCU 360.