After a unanimous vote by the board of education Tuesday night, Dr. Kent Scribner has been named the official superintendent of Fort Worth Independent School District (FWISD).
“It was a little more than a month ago that I was named lone finalist,” Scribner said. “And it was a great opportunity to interact with board of trustees as well as the community. It feels very good and happy to have completed this process. I really want to get started and get to meet many of you all.”
Scribner said he is eager to get started in FWISD on Oct. 15.  He said the talented faculty, staff and board of trustees are the ingredients necessary to move FWISD to become the model for urban schools.  He plans to begin his work in the district by listening to parents, students and teachers to assess the district’s needs.
“In today’s world, top-down authoritative leadership is not a sustainable model, it’s not an effective model,” Scribner said. “We live in the information age, and as leaders we need to tap into that information to make the most informed decisions possible.”
Scribner said he wants all students graduating from FWISD to be prepared for success in college, career and life. Scribner implemented his mission in his previous district, Phoenix Union High School District.
Phoenix Union High School District has a 75 percent graduation rate with 27,000 students and did not meet annual measurable objectives for the 2013-2014 school year.  In comparison, Fort Worth ISD has a 82 percent graduation rate for the same school year, but has roughly 84,000 students.
“Our job as a school system is to provide the skills, the academic skills, the technical skills, the employability skills, but also the social and emotional skills so that young people can be successful in life in the workplace,” Scribner said.
Parents in FWISD look forward to their new superintendent.
Janie Ginn said she attends Board of Education meetings regularly because she is so invested with the kids at the schools.
She said last January she asked the board to look for someone who could come in with fresh eyes and bring the district into the 21st century.
“I read about him, and everything just lined up perfectly,” Ginn said. “He has had previous experience with elementary schools and high school. He is known as a game changer.”

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