Sigma Nu welcomes a new pledge class of 108 young men.

Sigma Nu welcomes a new pledge class of 108 young men.
Sigma Nu welcomes a new pledge class of 108 young men.

Sigma Nu wanted to be an exceptional chapter from the moment it was accepted onto campus.

The fraternity recently finished its first recruitment at TCU, where it sought out members who fit the Sigma Nu ideals: love, honor and truth.

“Regardless of skin color, nation of origin, sexual orientation, religious background – if you ascribe to our values, you make good grades and you’re really involved on campus, we want to talk to you,” said Alex Taylor, the director of expansion and recruitment for Sigma Nu.

The group committed itself to diversity of membership during recruitment.

“Inclusivity and diversity are something we’re placing a lot of importance on,” Taylor said. “When it comes to that you have to be intentional in reaching out to people that have not typically been included.”

The current pledge class has three countries represented and is made up of white, African-American, Latino and Asian members, as well has having three members whom identify as homosexual, according to Mike Dilbeck, the chapter adviser and chairman of the alumni advisory board.

“We have to show that we can be a fully functioning partner in the community without being so different that people can’t relate to us,” Dilbeck said. “But we can also show that we can honor people for who they are and still be a unique experience that excels in all other areas. That’s our challenge.”

Sigma Nu brought on Timeka Gordon, the assistant director of Inclusiveness and Intercultural Services, as its inclusivity adviser. This is the first time this position has been created for a fraternity at TCU.

Gordon said that she encouraged Sigma Nu to do something different during their recruitment process. “Hopefully by them being inclusive, other organizations will see that and consider being inclusive too,” Gordon said.

Gordon added that she believes the commitment to diversity will be a large factor in their success on campus.

“What will continue to make Sigma Nu a great organization will be when you value diversity and inclusion,” Gordon said. “Regardless of the color of someone’s skin, a man who believes in the values of Sigma Nu is what makes a good member.”

Brendan Daly, a senior new member of the fraternity, said he thinks Sigma Nu will be a welcome addition in TCU Greek life.

“Sigma Nu is filling a niche in Greek life that wasn’t available before,” Daly said. “It’s going to be an organization that’s going to bring some balance back as a whole.”

Chancellor Victor Boschini, who pledged Sigma Nu as an undergraduate, says that he believes Sigma Nu’s mission will resonate well on TCU’s campus.

“Both groups espouse very similar values,” Boschini wrote in an email. “So it should be a perfect fit.”

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