TCU’s compliance center is educating university faculty and staff of National Collegiate Athletic Association rules by creating simple guidelines.

The NCAA rules are put in place in order to monitor different aspects of collegiate athletics.

Professors are instructed to never create assignments for student-athletes that differ from other students in a class. Professors are also not allowed to offer student-athletes extra credit work unless the opportunities are available to all students.

Cases of academic dishonesty by student-athletes should never be treated differently than cases of such behavior by any other student.

University staff are not allowed to provide student-athletes with the use of copying machines, computers, printers, credit cards, cars or any other support that is not available to the general student body.

A faculty or staff member may have contact with a prospective student-athlete only during a visit to TCU Campus.

In response to the general knowledge of compliance rules, social work professor Linda Moore said that the faculty and staff “needed more education.”

Moore started the academic center in the athletic department.

“The reality is [student-athletes] are guided by rules and regulations,” Dr. Moore said.

In order to help prevent miscommunication between professors and student athletes, the compliance center is sending out emails with these specific guidelines.

“I think the rules are important because if you break them it would mess with your eligibility to play,” sophomore TCU soccer player Allison Ganter said.

The compliance center is hoping that these rules are kept in mind as TCU enters into multiple athletic seasons.


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Ally is a junior history major and journalism minor. She is a sports reporter for TCU 360.