theEnd's paint party covered students in color.

TheEnd is transforming weekends on campus by introducing a variety of free entertainment options for students.

The organization began last year and coordinates events that range from movie nights and murder mystery dinners to performances by comedians and musical acts.

Assistant Director of Student Activities Brad Thompson said that this semester theEnd is focused on bringing performers to campus that students want to see.

“I want to keep listening to what students want to see and experience through these events,” Thompson said. “It doesn’t always have to be a band or a comedian. We want to be about bringing high quality, unique experiences to our campus.”

Paying attention to what the students want has paid off, as the majority of theEnd events usually fill the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom to maximum capacity.

Along with theEnd’s sister organizations, theCrew and Hall Crew, about 500-600 events are put on annually for students.

TheEnd is similar to those other branches of Student Activities through a shared goal to create a sense of community on campus through its events.

“It creates a common experience which further reinforces [the students’] love for TCU and their experiences outside of the classroom,” Thompson said.

Sophomore Morgan Jacob thinks theEnd provides students with options for fun times on campus.

“I think they’re awesome. It’s a great alternative to going out to parties and other things on campus,” Jacob said.

Junior Bennett Holland said that anything that gets students involved in on-campus community benefits the students.

“I think that any event anyone puts on benefits everyone at TCU. I think it’s good to provide positive social experiences,” Holland said.

The most important thing to Thompson is for students to understand that on the weekends they have an option for a fun and safe experience.

“We really want to encourage people to make good, healthy choices but if we’re not providing them with something that’s compelling, it’s hard for that message to resonate,” Thompson said.

Thompson said theEnd has made the campus more vibrant on weekends by giving students the opportunity to attend compelling events that are unique to the TCU community.