The 2015 Fact Book will provide an improved way to look at TCU's demographics.

The 2015 TCU Fact Book, debuting this fall, will be more digital and interactive than previous editions.

Since 1980, the Fact Book has been a key source for information on student data, academic statistics, diversity figures and other university information.

The Fact Book is organized into six major areas: Entering First-Year, Students, Academic Programs, Faculty and Staff, Financial Resources and Physical Facilities.

The  2015 Fact Book will allow individuals to look at data faster and in a more varied and accessible way, said Dr. Cathan Coghlan, director of the Office of Institutional Research.

“Before, if you wanted to know how many Hispanic male biology majors we had, you had to ask our office because we didn’t have that level of detail in the Fact Book,” Coghlan said. “But now someone can go to our enrollment and they can look at biology majors and then they’ll be able to filter by ethnicity and gender.”

In the past, the Microsoft Excel was used to generate the data and then published information in a PDF format.

“What we found is that departments, students, faculty, and deans would often have questions that we have available in the data, but they’re not available in the Fact Book because it’s just slicing and dicing the data in different ways,” Coghlan said.

The 2015 Fact Book will be housed on the institutional research website when it is released, which contains links to TCU Fact Books dating back to 1980.


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Hakim Zakaria is a senior journalism major from Juba, South Sudan. He covers academics for TCU360.