Students continue their daily workout at 9Round.

A thirty minute kickboxing gym called 9Round is challenging TCU’s sorority women to their MyZone Challenge during the month of October.

The MyZone Challenge involves wearing a heart rate monitor that displays how hard one is working out and the efficiency of the workout, 9Round trainer Josiah Landrum said.

The monitor allows Landrum to see who really is working their hardest and to make individual adjustments to all participants.

“You have different target zones that you want to stay in while you work out,” Landrum said. “I can look up at the screen to see who’s working out hard or who’s not.”

Depending on how hard one is working, the member is able to earn a certain number of points.

Landrum said 9Round is trying to push their members to work out harder by making this a competition among their largest membership group: TCU sororities.

Sorority women said they were excited to accept the challenge.

“I believe there is a spirit of healthy competition between sororities around TCU,” senior child development major Sarah Wintersteen said. “We all like a challenge and a chance to compete in good fun.”

Many women said they feel like they will be more motivated to work out if they are representing their sorority.

“I feel like I would work out harder knowing that I was competing for my sorority,” senior fashion merchandising major Emma Bulleit said.

Prizes will be given out at the end of the month to the sorority that has the most amount of effort points.

“We are trying to work with a couple reps with different clothing companies like Lululemon, Nike, and Under Armour,” Landrum said.

Landrum said that this will be the second time the gym has done the MyZone Challenge after a successful first trial.

“It has accomplished everything we have wanted and more,” Landrum said.

Students have shown a positive response towards the first MyZone Challenge.

“I really like MyZone because it pushes me to work out harder,” senior speech-language pathology major Samantha Forshaw said. “I can see my heart rate and earn points based on my effort for the day.”

9Round is located right off of TCU campus on Greene Avenue.

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Danielle is a senior fashion merchandising major with a journalism minor. She is from Pasadena, California but now lives in Newport Beach. She covers the medical school beat for TCU360.