Chemistry Club perform experiments before Homecoming Parade

Members of the TCU Chemistry Club gathered to help visitors and students learn about science while waiting for the TCU homecoming parade on Friday, Oct. 2.

Professors and students from the club guided kids through their own science experiments.

Kaitlyn Upton, the club’s vice president of fundraising, said the main purpose of the homecoming booth was to talk to alumni, visitors and kids about science.

Upton said the club wants kids to have an interest in science and for them to be entertained while learning.

The club set up a booth with five different experiments for visitors to see and try on their own. The experiments were meant to help kids understand how some aspects of science work.

The parade was also an opportunity for the club to represent the College of Science and Engineering and display some of the things that they get to work on.

Sarah Price, club president and junior biochemistry major, said they wanted to reach out to the community and show people what’s happening in the department.


Several families stopped by the booth to see the different experiments. Kids were able to make their own slime as well as watch members of the club perform other experiments.

Kids were required to wear goggles while working on their slime projects.

April Norris, a TCU alumna, said it was entertaining to see what the club had organized.

“I love to see the students reaching out to the public, especially the kids,” said Norris.

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Connie Beltran is a senior at TCU majoring in journalism and minoring in French. She covers the College of Education and the College of Science and Engineering for TCU 360.