TCU Club Baseball Members Braden Surprenant and Dylan Smith pose at their Activities Fair Booth

TCU’s club sports program has enjoyed a year of success both in competition and in recruitment.

Associate Director of Operations Mary Ellen Milam said, “More clubs than ever before are qualifying for regional and national tournaments.”

The Ultimate Frisbee team qualified for its regional tournament in Denver, Colorado. The Club Tennis team had eight different members qualify for the National Collegiate Tennis tournament. The Club Golf team had four members qualify for nationals for the first time in club history. The Club Triathlon team had four members qualify for nationals.

While no team has won its nationals outright, Milam said TCU players are playing well in their respective regional and national events.

“Clubs have success with individuals inquiring about them at orientation,” Milam said.

Club sports gain most of their new members through the activities fair held at the start of each new school year.

“There are approximately 750 to 800 participants in the Sports Club program,” Milam said. “This year about 60 percent of the students that signed up at the activities fair said they were interested in joining a club, have actually joined and paid dues.”

There are many club teams represented that do not have Division 1 NCAA level counterparts at TCU, including ice hockey, rugby and lacrosse. These teams have done well because of their ability to bring talent in from across the country.

“These clubs have actually had players who have chosen to apply at TCU because of the clubs being active at TCU, well known in their respective leagues, regions or nationally and because of their reputations both on and off the field for the quality and character of the individuals in the clubs,” Milam said.

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Kevin is a senior sports broadcasting major from Rockton, Illinois. He covers club sports for TCU360.