Fort Worth police said they must take action to stop citizen complaints about off-campus parties.

The Fort Worth Police Department sent an email Thursday to TCU police saying they will begin immediately arresting offenders at off-campus parties instead of giving warnings. The policy is said to begin this Saturday.

The email, sent out by Captain Donald Hanlon, said that off-campus parties “are a huge drain on police resources” and that they “have generated a huge flood of citizen complaints.”

Hanlon wrote that recent warnings given to offenders at off-campus parties have not stopped the problem, and added that the Fort Worth police must take action to enforce parties.

“There have been several meetings to address this problem since the beginning of the semester, but the problem has not subsided,” Hanlon wrote.

Kathy Cavins-Tull, vice-chancellor for student affairs, forwarded the email to the TCU community and wrote: “The only way to get some of the off-campus parties under control is through arresting offenders.”

Cavins-Tull added that police will no longer be able to give warnings when called to a residence and wanted students to be aware of this policy.

Hanlon wrote that on Saturday Fort Worth police will begin enforcing the new rule and he added that he hopes students are able to celebrate another TCU football victory without “disrupting the peace.”

Cavins-Tull wrote that students should be good neighbors and responsible hosts.

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