The next phase of Fort Worth transportation is in the hands of city residents.
The Fort Worth Transportation Authority’s “Master Plan” bus is traveling across Fort Worth for input from those who use the service. On Tuesday, the bus stopped at TCU.
The bus has been “tricked out” to include posters displaying potential plans for the future of public transportation in Fort Worth and laptops for people to take surveys and provide feedback.
The plans include more frequent stops, longer operating hours and more weekend service for “The T” bus service.
Currently, The T only has four routes that provide service every 15 minutes or faster. Only two routes, Molly the Trolley and the TCU Shuttle, operate every 10 minutes.
The other routes run between every 16-60 minutes. On the weekends, most routes run once an hour or less.
In efforts to improve the routes, the Fort Worth Transportation Authority has added new buses.
Shaun Davis works for dining services at TCU. He has been riding the bus to work every day for three years. He said he noticed immediately when “The T” got new buses.
“They’re doing a really great job. They’re upgrading their fleet and they’re really really nice,” Davis said.
Davis said his only complaint is during the hours that Paschal High School students are getting let out, buses run slow around TCU due to traffic.
Another common complaint among residents is that the buses don’t run 24 hours a day.
During the week, the last trips depart at 10:51 p.m., but most routes end service earlier. Less than half of the routes offer service after 8 p.m.
Among other plans for public transportation in the city is a railway between Fort Worth and the Dallas-Fort Worth International Airport set to open in 2018, said Jose Perez, transportation planner for the Fort Worth Transportation Authority.
Perez also said said the plan includes more buses and more drivers. He said feedback so far has indicated The T should add many more bus stops.
The survey can be completed online at

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