TCU students volunteer with Reading Frogs for the LEAPS day of service.

Saturday’s torrential rain storm limited the options for students participating in the 15th year of TCU’s bi-annual volunteer day, but organizers said the day still ended in success.

The volunteer day was held by LEAPS, an organization dedicated to bonding TCU with the larger Fort Worth community.

Co-director Michael Nakhleh credited the hard work of the LEAPS team for rallying during site cancellations and ultimately making the event run smoothly.

More than 500 students fanned out across Fort Worth and other parts of Tarrant County to read to children, assist the elderly, and take part in other community service events. Students volunteered at about 25 different sites, including Mission Arlington and the YMCA.

Reading Frogs, which assigned students to read to third and fourth-graders, was one the most popular assignments.

A TCU volunteer with her Reading Frogs group.
A TCU volunteer with her Reading Frogs group.

Students of all ages laughed and shared the stories they were reading with one another. The elementary students also received free books and school supplies.

TCU alumna Victoria Reneau, a teacher at Jackie Carden Elementary School, was happy to see TCU students getting her third-graders excited about reading.

“I want them to walk away with a love of reading and an excitement about the future and going to college at a place like TCU,” Reneau said.

Reneau, who studied early childhood development while at TCU, said she was glad to see the LEAPS spirit was still alive on campus.

“My friends and I went every year and [Reading Frogs] was my favorite LEAPS activity; I did it every fall,” Reneau said.

Nakhleh, a senior biology major, said participating in LEAPS as a first-year student was very rewarding.

“It has taught me to always stop and look at my surroundings because a large part of my life might just be there waiting for me,” Nakhleh said.

The LEAPS team celebrates the LEAPS 15th anniversary.
The LEAPS team celebrates the LEAPS 15th anniversary.


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