From left to right, Essa Albinali, freshman mechanical engineering and Hannah Devotta, sophomore biology. Albinali and Devotta like to study in this area because the room temperature is fine compared with cold temperature of other study areas.


The conversational section on the west entrance of Mary Couts Burnett library will be renovated.

Dean of the library June Koelker said it will include a mixture of furniture and seating similar to the new section that opened earlier this month.

“It’ll have some new furniture purchased,” Koelker said. “It’ll support both group work area and individual work area.”

All services and checkouts that used to be on the west side will now take place on the east side.

However, the services desk will still be operated on the west entrance to assist faculty, staff, students or guests that have questions.

The desktop computers that were located on the west side are being moved to east side of the library in the Information Commons computer lab on the second floor.

“Eventually there will not be fixed desktop computers on the [west],” Koelker said. “We’re still on the process of doing that.”

Koelker is still considering whether to make the front section of the west entry quiet or loud study area.

“I’m concerned it would not be effective as a quiet area because it’s so close to a major door way,” Koelker said.

Sophomore business major Madison Deves said she hopes the west entrance will act as the “quiet section” because the newly renovated east entrance tends to be loud and distracting.

“If I need to get something done I’m going to the quiet section,” Deves said. “Nobody comes here.”

Some students said that they hope the west entrance will look similar to the newly renovated section.

Sophomore finance major Morris Herman said he likes to study in the Information Commons because it’s generally quiet and better than the loud section of the west entrance.

“I think it definitely maximizes efficiency,” Herman said. “I can spread out the way I want to spread out.”

Koelker said that the library has to work on finishing up the final details on the east side of the library before moving on to renovating the west side.

“We’re working on it every day,” Koelker said.

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Tuyen Hoang is originally from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. Tuyen is a transfer student from Brookhaven College. Tuyen is a junior journalism major and sociology minor at Texas Christian University. She serves as the administration reporter for TCU 360.