FrogFilm is a film competition held by Milton Daniel residence hall and the John V. Roach Honors College intended to bring the Honors College students together.

This year’s FrogFilm was held Sept. 30.

Seven groups of students had five days to create films using a required line, word, certain prop and other elements.

Guidelines for the films change every year. This year’s theme was “90s Kids.”

The required line was, “The license plate said FRESH, and there was dice in the mirror.” Participants also had to include the word “gazump,” a Spice Girls cameo, a scene at TCU’s new sundial and a birthday candle as a prop.

J. Vaughn & Evelyne H. Wilson Honors Fellow and Director of Prestigious Scholarships Dr. Ron Pitcock helped create the event almost six years ago.

Pitcock said the fun thing is that it’s not so much about the quality, but about the students taking risks, being brave and sharing those moments with each other.

Senior Tori Twomey has participated in FrogFilm every year.

“This was my last one, so I’m a little nostalgic,” Twomey said. “It’s a great way to get to know people in the Honors College.”

She said the films don’t have to be perfect because sometimes the funniest ones are made the night before.

Twomey has won the $750 grand prize three times now. She said it’s a substantial amount and is split among her teammates.

This year Twomey’s group also won best use of the word “gazump,” best Spice Girls cameo and best use of the birthday candle prop.

“The students gather outside, share Sweet Sammies and popcorn and laugh at silly stuff they’ve created,” Pitcock said. “At its worst, FrogFilm is a terrific study break.”

Look for this year’s films on the FrogFilm YouTube channel.

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