R.L. Paschal High School is under new leadership this school year.
Miguel Del Toro started as the 11th grade assistant principal at Paschal High School in August.
Del Toro oversees all discipline for the junior class and additionally serves as dean of instruction for math and science.
Del Toro said as assistant principal he wears many hats, but his goal is to spend more time in the classroom to help with everything from classroom management to pedagogy.
“The education paradigm is really changing,” Del Toro said. “Not only educators but administrators are charged with being instructional leaders, so our goal is to spend more time in the classroom.”
“To be in the classroom to be support, to be an instructive tool so teachers can improve their craft and become better at their profession, to sharpen their skills that they have to become better educators,” Del Toro said.
Del Toro’s goal for this school year is to learn.
“I’m new to Fort Worth ISD and to Paschal, so I want to learn and be an active listener and learn as much as I can, but at the same time I want to be a support,” Del Toro said. “I want to be a support to students and to teachers, especially in the two main areas I work with as the dean of instruction for math and science.”
Del Toro previously served as an administrator in the Dallas Independent School District. He began his career in adult education in 1999 teaching a Spanish program.
Del Toro first learned he had a passion for education after teaching a sixth grade bilingual class in Arlington 15 years ago.
After taking a short break from teaching to work in broadcast radio, Del Toro returned to education in Dallas ISD.
“At the end of the night, when you put your head down and you’re going to bed, in the corporate world you don’t make that much of a difference,” Del Toro said. “But in education, one day at a time, you can really make a difference in the lives of certain kids.”

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