Zeta Tau Alpha Pi Kapp Push Coach Olivia poses with a few of her first year sorority sisters.


Last Wednesday, Oct. 7, saw the Miss Pi Kapp Push competition round out the fundraising events during Pi Kappa Phi’s philanthropy week, benefitting The Ability Experience.

Throughout the night, sorority teams performed short songs and presented their representative for Miss Pi Kapp Push to answer questions about the national philanthropy and its importance.

“We put in five hours of practice on Saturday, and if we won that would be a great reflection of all the hard work we put in,” Kappa Alpha Theta’s representative Abbey Widick said.

Teams were judged on categories such as presentation, energy and creativity.

Olivia Buis, a coach for Zeta Tau Alpha, the Pi Kapp Push overall winner for the past five years entering the event, said she is happy with all the wins, but the competition means more than winning.

“This week makes you feel so good about yourself, and makes you feel like you’re doing something that can help future generations,” Buis said.

At the end of the night, Zeta won again for their sixth straight win in overall participation in the week’s events, while Alpha Delta Pi took home the Miss Pi Kapp Push title.

Overall participation in Pi Kapp Push week:

Winner: Zeta Tau Alpha

First runner up: Delta Delta Delta

Second runner up: Delta Gamma


Miss Pi Kapp Push:

Winner: Alpha Delta Pi

First runner up: Pi Beta Phi

Second runner up: Delta Gamma


Pi Kapp Push Song Competition:

Winner: Delta Delta Delta

First runner up: Alpha Delta Pi

Second runner up: Alpha Chi Omega


Pi Kappa Phi philanthropy chair Grayson McFarlin said he is pleased with this year’s participation.

“I’m super stoked about how this week turned out, a lot of participation from the TCU community, that’s huge,” McFarlin said.

Senior Pi Kappa Phi member Trent Allsup said philanthropic events like Pi Kapp Push help change the image of men and women in fraternity and sorority life.

“This is something positive that fraternities and sororities have. People don’t hear about these kinds of things. They tend to just highlight the negative aspects of Greek life, which is why events like these are needed,” Allsup said.

Information regarding the sum of money raised this week will be released on Friday.

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Ernest Dominick is a journalism major with a minor in general business. He is from Marksville, Louisiana but has been based in Dallas since 2006. He is currently serving as a reporter for Greek Life at TCU.