Multiple different summer camps are recruiting TCU students within the next few weeks.

“TCU might have only a couple of thousand students, but TCU gives Kamp some of the best staff each summer,” recruiter for Kanakuk Kamps Bryan Cox said.

Pine Cove, Camp Ozark and Kanakuk will all be on campus soon to recruit students.

“We look for students who are super energetic and ready to tackle a tough job,” Camp Ozark recruiter Kathleen Reedy said.

Camp Ozark has gone to over 70 different college campuses over a span of 14 weeks to recruit students.

Reedy said that TCU students are always in high demand.

“TCU is a big place for us because everyone is super involved and those are the kind of people that are really looking to work at a camp during the summer,” Reedy said.

Camp Ozark has been on campus for three days to interview students who are interested in a summer camp job.

“Camp Ozark wants TCU students because it creates a sense of unity and community while at camp,” Camp Ozark campus rep Nicole Steely, said.

Kanakuk uses TCU students who have previously worked at the camp to help recruit other prospective counselors for each summer.

“We will do this through word of mouth, social media, and visiting sororities and fraternities,” Kanakuk recruiter Emily Dodd said.

Pine Cove will be on campus Oct. 26-27 for their recruitment and interviews.

Kanakuk Kamps will be on campus Nov. 4-5 for interviews and an information night.

Students can apply for Camp Ozark and do a phone interview if they are interested.


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