(Photo courtesy of Susan Hutchins)


The TCU club polo made its way to the West Coast last week as it took on the Stanford University varsity women’s polo team.

Four members of the team went on the trip: Lauren Dungan, Katie Phillips, Jessica Hutchins and Avery Haugen.

The trip to California was years in the making and was officially planned in April, team president Dungan said.

“We have really stepped up our fundraising efforts this year and had our second annual McAlister’s fundraiser in September,” Dungan said. “With the combined funds from the first two years of this fundraiser, we were fortunate enough to be able to afford the airfare to California for four of our team members.”

TCU beat Stanford 8-7. Dungan scored the winning goal with two minutes left in the final chukker, or period, of the game.

Three of the four team members scored during the match, but Dungan said the big goal was scored by sophomore Jessica Hutchins.

“It was a great shot and really set up the game,” Dungan said. “It was the opening goal, and the confidence she played with from that point forward had a huge impact on our win.”

Hutchins was excited about the prospect of playing out of conference.

“I would say that traveling out of conference was so exciting because we were in an arena that we had never been in before and on horses we had never ridden before,” Hutchins said. “It was a completely different experience.”