Lewis Glaser, Professor and Coordinator of Graphic Design

TCU’s graphic design department now offers a minor for students.

The department decided to offer the minor after considering the high demand show by both professors and students, said Lewis Glaser, a professor and coordinator of graphic design.

“The strategic communication, interior design, fashion merchandising, marketing and other departments have expressed a desire for their students to have some graphic design education,” Glaser said, “and we have had a number of students from these departments in our classes over the years.”

Around 60 students have already expressed interest in acquiring a minor in Graphic Design, but Glaser believes that the department will only be able to accommodate 8 – 10 minors per year.

“We are accepting minor applicants on a first-come, first-served basis, after our majors have received their permission numbers,” Glaser said. “We do not anticipate adding additional class sections next semester, but the fall of 2016 may be a different matter depending on the response we get this year.”

Although the department is expecting a slight influx of students, Glaser ensures that the class sizes will remain the same.

“Our classes are capped at 15 students per section. If anything, we may need to add additional sections of certain foundation-level classes,” Glaser said.

Glaser expressed his excitement for the future of TCU’s graphic design department as it grows and diversifies. “I believe that increasing the opportunity for students to graduate with the knowledge of foundation design is essential to today’s modern society,” Glaser said.

“Having students from other academic disciplines in the classroom enriches the content for everyone in terms of perspective and considering other points of view,” Glaser said. “I am also pleased that we can provide a service to students and departments outside our “silo” that desire our support.”

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Alexa McBride is a junior Journalism major and Film, TV, and Digital Media minor from Orange County, California. She is an Academics reporter for TCU 360.