Patio layout of MASH'D. (Megan Stookey/TCU 360)

If what you are craving is a vibrant atmosphere with drinks to match, I would suggest you head down to West 7th St.’s newest addition, UnknownMASH’D. Here, modern wood finishes create a warm inviting space for all things from a sunny brunch on the patio to cheering for your team around the bar.

Moonshine is the star of the show at MASH’D. Their craft drinks will quench your thirst regardless of your mood, and I must suggest the Bootleg Mule, it provides a refreshing twist by adding a cherry limeade flavor to excite the palate. Aside from environment and drinks, the hype around MASH’D emanates from the impressive menu of indulgent meat-centered dishes. Among these are the Pot of Goat, Turkey Burger, and the Serious Queso (with fried chicken), all of which are good, but better after a glass of moonshine.Unknown-2

With all the hype I was expecting a life changing meal, but my dinner fell short. Don’t get me wrong, I would go back, but there was something missing in every dish I tried. The Pot of Goat lacked an integration of flavor; you can taste the marmalade and the goat cheese as individual ingredients, but they did not seem to blend together in a palatable way. As for the Serious Queso, the addition of the fried chicken definitely stepped the classic Tex-Mex staple up a notch. However, the queso itself resembled a thick cheese fondue instead of a well-spiced ‘cheese dip’.

Unknown-1The food remains an understudy to the drinks and the environment, but it will satisfy your indulgent cravings. As for
the gluten-free diner, like myself, they do an exemplary job of creating an extensive list of options, which is a big plus in my book. Overall, my experience at MASH’D was pleasant enough to recommend, providing the diner with good food, great ambiance, and exemplary cocktails.



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