Mathematics department organize reception for Robert Doran. (Connie Beltran)



Faculty and staff gathered to honor mathematics professor Robert Doran for his contributions and work at a reception on Wednesday Nov. 11.

The mathematics department organized the reception to credit the dedicated service of the professor, who taught at TCU for more than 46 years. Doran will be retiring at the end of the year.

Several faculty members shared personal experiences and memories.

Chancellor Victor Boschini said both Doran and the mathematics department have changed since Doran’s work there.

“I think we were blessed to have [him] on campus,” Boschini said. “I always hate these kind of events because I get sad. I don’t want anyone to ever leave, but I think [he] can leave knowing that [he] changed the fabric of this place.”

Greg Friedman, associate professor in the mathematics department, said he has learned many things while working with Doran.

“When he’s got something that he wants to communicate, he’s not afraid to do it,” Friedman said.

Doran’s wife, Shirley Doran, was also present.

She said Doran loves teaching, but they do have plans to work around their house and garden once he retires.

She said it is nice to have the people that Doran has worked with at the reception.

After the speakers, Doran also shared some experiences and thanked all of those who were present for all of their work. He said he credits all of his awards and accomplishments to his students and colleagues.

“The ultimate legacy for me, now as a retiree, is the faculty that’s left here to carry on,” Doran said.

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Connie Beltran is a senior at TCU majoring in journalism and minoring in French. She covers the College of Education and the College of Science and Engineering for TCU 360.