Another Panther has committed to play baseball for the Horned Frogs.
Andrew Medford, a Fort Worth native, is a senior at R. L. Paschal High School and will play at his first choice school, TCU, beginning in the 2017 season.
The 2016 season will be Medford’s third on varsity for the Panthers, said Head Baseball Coach Darrell Preston. Medford catches and pitches for the Panthers.
“He’s one of the best catchers that I’ve seen at this age, at this level,” Preston said.
“Being the catcher is kind of a leadership role in itself because you kind of control you know the whole game, you know the pace of the game,” Preston said.
Medford will be joining a team that has gone to the College World Series for the past two seasons (2014 and 2015). He is excited to be a part of the team and knows it will be hard work, he said.
Preston said Medford is the three-hole hitter which is usually for one of the best hitters on the team.
Compared to TCU players from the 2015 season, Medford’s batting average was higher than the top five players for the Horned Frogs.

“He’s put so much time and energy into developing his skills in the game and it’s paying off. All he’s wanted to do is go to the next level and play in college,” Preston said. He referred to Medford as a “field rat” because he is found on the field often working on his craft.
Medford has played baseball since he was young and is looking forward to pursuing his passion, he said. He has only played baseball and loves it mostly for the competition, he said.
Medford will be a great addition to the TCU team because of his dedication to the sport and his ability to play two positions, Preston said.
The Panthers season begins early next year where you can see Medford in action before joining the Frogs.
Medford signed his Letter of Intent on November 11, 2015.

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