The French Assemblee Nationale which houses the bicameral Parliament is lit in the French National flag colors, in Paris, France, Sunday, Nov. 22, 2015 one week after the Paris attacks. Several TCU students and faculty are studying abroad in France, all of whom are accounted for and safe. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)


Several members of the TCU community abroad in France gave their input on the terrorist attacks in Paris last week.

Richard Priem, a professor of management in the Neeley School of Business, is visiting ESCP Europe and was in Paris at the time of the attacks.

“Our small street — the one seen in the horrific videos showing people, many wounded, escaping from Bataclan — remains covered in blood,” Priem wrote in a Facebook post Sunday. “The people of Paris are back in the streets, mourning those who were lost.

“We shopped for groceries and walked to the Place de la Republique. International media are everywhere, yet the people of Paris seem stoic and resolute.”

Many of the TCU students studying Paris were out of town for the weekend when the attacks occurred.

Junior mathematics major Alyssa Zellner is studying abroad in Paris this semester and was on fall break in Budapest that Friday.

“I got emails from professors and the study abroad office the night it happened trying to make sure I was safe,” Zellner wrote in a Facebook message, “as well as messages from my sorority sisters and other friends on campus.”

The Center for International Studies has been working with Zellner to figure out what should happen next, she wrote.

Her program has given students the option to end the semester early, but Zellner has decided to stay in Paris for the remainder of the study abroad experience, she wrote.

Zellner wrote the attacks have changed the atmosphere of the city.

“Things have been pretty quiet around Paris lately and everyone is a little on edge,” Zellner wrote. “People are just trying to move on with their lives.”

Junior communications major Avery Crofford is also spending the semester in Paris, but was in Prague when the attacks occurred.

“I was literally packing my suitcase as I found out to go back to Paris,” Crofford said in an interview via Google Hangout. “It was about 10 o’clock at night in Prague and about 6 a.m. was when I would be getting back.

“I was very, very unsure if I should go because when I was at the airport they had just come out with a statement that the borders were closing, which we weren’t really quite sure how that would affect our flight. But we made it in just fine and I got in 6 o’clock the following morning into Paris.”

Crofford said she didn’t seriously consider ending her semester early.

“It never crossed my mind because I knew that was something that could happen to absolutely anyone at any point in time,” Crofford said.

The international showings of support for Paris such as French flag Facebook profile pictures has elicited mixed reviews, Crofford said.

“I personally really appreciate everyone that’s been showing all sorts of support for Paris,” Crofford said. “Some of my Parisian friends, it strikes a discordant note because while people are so connected with Paris… even myself who’s been living in Paris for the past 3 months is not even aware how tragic this event was for some people.”

Susan Layne, a study abroad adviser for the Center for International Studies, said all the TCU students in Paris are safe and everyone is trying to move on from these tragic events.

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