Students involved in Frogs CARE hosted an event earlier this week to educate students on how to have a healthier finals week.

Under the guidance of the Alcohol and Drug Education Center, these students aim to educate “the TCU Community about alcohol, other substances, and related health and wellness issues such as sexual health and stress,” according to its website.

“[The Frogs CARE students] decided they wanted to do something that would help alleviate and relax some of our students as they go into finals exams and head home for the holidays,” said Yvonne Giovanis, Alcohol and Drug Education associate director.

Although similar events have been held by the organization before, the students involved in the planning added new elements this year.

The new elements involved physical stress relief. Students were given bubble wrap to pop. The United Latinos Association, who partnered with Frogs CARE, provided piñatas in the shape of Christmas trees for students to hit. Students scrambled to get the candy once a piñata broke open.

There was also a spin wheel with studying facts and myths. A student could spin the wheel and answer a question from one of the many categories. If a student answered correctly, they could enter a drawing for a free massage.

Mugs with healthy study tips were provided near a hot chocolate station. Briyet Sigala, senior psychology major and Frogs CARE member, said the mugs were her favorite part of the event.

“It’s kind of like a little prescription,” Sigala said. “It’s our prescription to the students for them to have a healthier finals week and for them to be more efficient and more effective.”

But the favorite aspect of the event seemed to be the puppy therapy. Volunteers from St. Paul Lutheran Church brought comfort dogs for students to pet. Students flocked to the playful dogs, bringing smiles to the faces of many students.

Ally Coyne, first-year biology major, said she enjoyed the puppy therapy because she would always pet her dog when she got stressed out at home.

The Frogs CARE coordinators said they hoped students left the event better educated on how to have a healthier finals week.

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