Head Coaches Mark Helfrich and Gary Patterson speak about Trevone Boykin's suspension at a press conference Friday Morning.


Both head coaches Gary Patterson and Mark Helfrich spoke about TCU quarterback Trevone Boykin’s suspension at Friday morning’s press conference, saying part of their job as coaches is to help individuals grow in addition to play football.

Patterson said he was disappointed with his quarterback but knew the decision he had to make after Boykin was arrested early Thursday morning for allegedly hitting a police officer in a bar fight.

“You have to take it. Really, my feelings went out for him and for my team,” He said. “It’s unfortunate for him because Trevone has meant so much to TCU and we love him.”

Patterson added that he had hoped to see Boykin play as much as the fans also hoped to see him on the field Saturday.

“Just like anybody else, I’m a fan,” He said. “I wanted to see Vernon versus Trevone.”

Oregon’s head coach, Mark Helfrich agreed with Patterson’s decision saying that those decisions aren’t fun but easy for head coaches to make.

“Nobody wants that to happen,” Helfrich said. “It’s an unfortunate reality of every single program in the country in developing people and you have to make those decisions.”

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