Big 12 conference championship game a possibility


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Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby announced Wednesday that the NCAA Division 1 Legislative Council will allow conferences without 12 members to hold a championship game.

The Big 12, which includes TCU, is one of these conferences. Previously, the conference champion was determined by conference win/loss record.

This led to several controversies, including during the 2014 season when Baylor and TCU finished with identical 8-1 records and were declared “Co-Champions,” even though the Big 12 had previously used the slogan “One True Champion” in advertisements.

The council’s decision stipulated that conferences choosing to have a championship game must play a complete round-robin schedule, meaning that each team must play every other team in the conference during the regular season.

The motion passed despite the objections of the American Athletic Conference and the Atlantic Coast Conference, according to USA Today’s Dan Wolken.

Before today, speculation swirled that the Big 12 may have sought to expand by adding two teams in order to have a conference championship game.

Bowlsby said that he was pleased with the council’s decision in a statement released on the Big 12’s official site.

“I appreciate that what was acted upon today takes into account our unique 10-team, full round-robin scheduling model,” Bowlsby said.

However, Bowlsby cautioned that the ruling does not necessarily mean that the Big 12 will adjust its policy.

“This vote does not automatically mean the Big 12 will implement a football championship game,” Bowlsby said. “Our membership will continue to analyze its pros and cons, as we now know the requirements should we decide to go down that path.”