The Fort Worth City Council is scheduled to vote today at 7 p.m. on a proposal for re-zoning on West Cantey Street which would tear down four houses for a new fine arts building.
Barry Hudson, a TCU representative, presented to the zoning commission about the project last month. The zoning commission recommended approval of the re-zoning by unanimous vote. One letter was received in opposition to the re-zoning.
Photo courtesy of the city of Fort Worth
Photo courtesy of the city of Fort Worth

According to project details, there are plans for a courtyard between the new and existing buildings.
Michelle Clark, assistant vice chancellor of communications at TCU, said the architectural style of the new building will match the existing Moudy building at the corner of University Drive and West Cantey Street. She also said the new structure will not exceed three stories. There are also plans for fewer building entries for campus security.
Project details also say “required parking shall be calculated as part of the TCU campus parking plan.”
Clark also said this building will house the Costume Studio and Interior Design & Fashion Merchandising departments currently located in four stand-alone buildings off Berry Street.
The proposed re-zoning would change the lot from “Medium Density Multifamily” to “Low Intensity Mixed Use.”  This change adds requirements about how far the sidewalks can extend into the street and what the building can be used for.
Hudson said TCU affiliates previously hosted a neighborhood meeting that was attended by around 50 people from the neighborhood. Clark said all plans are contingent upon the approval of TCU’s Board of Trustees. The board is scheduled to meet in April of 2016.

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