About 35 students attended TCU Chi Alpha’s event “Fresh Start” event Jan. 26 night to worship Jesus through song and prayer.

During the event, students were given ways that they can have a fresh start with Jesus and were welcomed to a new community of people to share it with.

One of the campus ministers and leader of the event Alicia Youngblood said she thinks it’s hard for students to find their fit at TCU their first year and this is a way for them to discover or re-discover their faith.

“We did this our first year in the same room, but we had way less students than we had this time,” Youngblood said.

Senior nursing major Taylor Levine has been in Chi Alpha for three years. Levine said “Fresh Start” is a way for people to feel welcomed.

“We want people to refocus on why we are here; to love Jesus,” Levine said.

This was Chi Alpha’s third year hosting this event. Youngblood said each year has gained more attraction as more people learn out about it.

Freshman fashion merchandising major Abby Plunk attended Fresh Start and said the idea of a new start during the new year is appealing.

“It’s important to find people who share my faith,” Plunk said.

During the event, Chi Alpha talked about getting involved in a life group.

Life groups are a way for students to be a part of a community where they can share their faith in Jesus and build relationships with other people who share their belief.

Life groups meet every week to read scripture and connect with other students.

If you are interested in being a part of Chi Alpha and learning more about life groups, visit this website.

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