Comedian Kenan Thompson discussed Taco Bell, Mighty Ducks, Ben Stiller, his career and more in the BLUU on Friday night.

TCU students couldn’t stop laughing during Kenan Thompson’s nostalgia-fueled comedic stand-up.

The “All That” star, who is in his thirteenth season of “Saturday Night Live”, performed for over 1,000  students in the Brown-Lupton University Union Ballroom on Friday night.

TheEnd hosted the event as part of its spring lineup of programming.

Before the show, students expressed their excitement for Thompson as the line wrapped around the BLUU, from the third floor to the first.

“I’m stoked,” said Jamie McGalliard, a junior nutritional sciences major.

Bakari Samin, a senior biology major, said he had been looking forward to this show for awhile.

“I have 21 years of excitement for this,” Samin said. “I watched ‘All That’ religiously when I was a kid.”

Thompson’s performance began with students shouting, “Take your shirt off” as he walked onto the stage. Thompson responded, “I’m married.”

Throughout the night, Thompson reflected on his early career. He discussed how he made his way from Atlanta, Georgia, to Los Angeles, California, to star in “All That.”

At one point, Thompson had the crowd singing along to the theme of “All That.”

Thompson comedically recounted his experiences with big-time stars like Bill Cosby, Samuel L. Jackson and Ice Cube.

“Ice Cube always had the same face when I worked with him on ‘Barbershop 2’,” Thompson said. “He was a nice guy, but he always looked angry.”

For the final 30 minutes of the event, Thompson let students ask him questions.

TCU 360 asked Thompson how he reacted when TheEnd asked him to perform. Thompson said, “Give me the money,” and the audience applauded.

Thompson’s opening act, Ever Mainard, performed a thirty-minute set of raunchy comedy that was well-received.

“Meth is a cure for teeth,” Mainard said. “It just knocks them all out.”

After the show, students lined up to take pictures with Thompson.

George Downham, a senior accounting major, said, “It was a really magical night.”

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Hank Kilgore is a senior Journalism major and FTDM minor from Lafayette, Louisiana. He is currently Editor of The Skiff and the Student Life and Entertainment Managing Editor for TCU 360. You can often find him anywhere a superhero movie is being played.