The first SGA House of Student Representatives meeting of the semester included the election of a new Outreach Committee Chair and several announcements from student body officers.

Sophomore English major Sara Babineaux, an Honors College Representative, won the election for Outreach Committee Chair.

Student Body Vice President of Operations Ryker Thompson said the Outreach Committee focuses on “expanding the reach of SGA to as many students as possible.”

“I want to focus on facilitating diversity at TCU and working on making sure that [SGA] is strongly rooted in the community and welcoming to all students,” Babineaux said. “Students know that funding and marketing are SGA’s roles for student organizations, and I want to let them know that SGA can have a role in their success.”

Other candidates for the position included sophomore Justin Rubenstein and senior Shannon Fulton.

In addition to the election, Student Body President Maddie Reddick made an announcement that clarified why Thursday’s Macklemore concert was moved from the Ed and Rae Schollmaier Arena to the Campus Commons.

“The concert was moved outside in order to create the highest possible quality show that we could provide,” Reddick said. “Outside worked better with Macklemore’s production and allowed us the capacity to let all students participate.”

Reddick said many of the show’s special effects would not have worked in the new stadium, which only opened to the public in December.

“With the stadium being so new, it meant that we couldn’t test production until later,” she said. “That’s why the decision came so late.”

Thompson also announced that free scantrons have been delivered to all TCU professors on behalf of SGA, a move meant to help all students take tests free of charge.

H.B. 102-18, a bill to cover the funding of the spring concert, was tabled to the Finance Committee.

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Mackenzie is a copyeditor and reporter for TCU360, mainly covering SGA and politics. She studies Journalism and Political Science and hails from Orange County, California.