Lindsay Riffle greeting her new pet after signing the adoption papers.

A stray dog was brought into PetSmart off the streets on Feb. 12 and was adopted less than a day later.

Over the weekend, PetSmart stores around the nation hosted adoption events.

It was National Adoption Weekend from Feb. 12-14 and PetSmart Charities, along with Fort Worth Animal Care and Control, provided adoption opportunities for all of their dogs and cats.

PetSmart provides free supplies for first-time adopters.


Tents lined around the PetSmart parking lot off Hulen and Interstate-20 filled with volunteers, employees and people searching for their new pets.

One three-year-old Maltese mix was brought into the store on Feb. 12.

The dog attracted a lot of attention as she jumped around her kennel and licked the fingers of people as they went up to look at her.

The maltese mix was popular among the visitors to the adoption center
The Maltese mix was popular among the visitors to the adoption center.

TCU nursing student Lindsay Riffle came to PetSmart for National Adoption Day looking for a companion to share her apartment with.

Riffle said she heard about the adoption day through one of her friends and wanted to see the dogs.

“I feel like it’s fate that I found this dog because she just came in yesterday off the streets,” Riffle said. “I don’t understand how all these dogs can just be left alone.”

A PetSmart adoption service employee helped Riffle fill out her paperwork and explained the dog’s history of testing and vaccines.

All adoption fees are $10. Those who adopt pets are offered a free bag of food and a selection of donated collars and leashes.

“I think it’s a great idea and its very cost effective,” Riffle said. “It’s for a great cause, and you’re giving these pets a new home.”

Riffle said she loves animals and cannot wait to bring her new friend home with her.

“I hope all of these animals find new families to go home with this weekend,” Riffle said.

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