Diona Willis, the new Director of Diversity and Inclusion

In a newly created position to focus on diversity, a TCU student has plans to make the student government more inclusive.

Diona Willis, the newly appointed director of diversity and inclusion for the Student Government Association, said she strives to make the inclusion of all students a priority for TCU.

“I want to make people in diverse communities feel heard,” Willis said. “By seeing my face and the programs we want to put on, they’ll think, ‘If she does it, why can’t I do it?'”

The diversity director position was created this semester by Student Body President Maddie Reddick to help promote SGA to students who may not feel included in their student government.

Willis, a junior political science major said she is dedicated to promoting social justice issues on campus. She is the vice president of the National Panhellenic Council and helped organize the TCU United candlelight vigil last April in response to the Baltimore protests.

Now that she has been appointed to this new director position, Willis intends on spreading positivity through a public forum on race, a diversity training video and linking SGA to diverse student organizations.

“We live in this TCU bubble,” Willis said. “When we’re in the bubble, we don’t think negativity can permeate it.”

One of her biggest goals is to create a framework for the next director after her, Willis said. Building relations with student organizations on campus this semester will make it easier for the next director after she leaves this position.

Reddick announced that Willis would be filling the position at the SGA House of Representatives meeting on Feb. 2.

Reddick said Willis was chosen out of the eight applicants due to her concrete ideas and experience in increasing diversity.

“All in all, I thought that she would be a really strong pick with her experience and solid ideas,” Reddick said. “She’s been fantastic and is just ready to roll.”



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Mackenzie is a copyeditor and reporter for TCU360, mainly covering SGA and politics. She studies Journalism and Political Science and hails from Orange County, California.