A fire hydrant was spewing water near TCU a the intersection of West Cantey and Greene Avenue at around 2 p.m Tuesday.

Hilda Zuniga from the Fort Worth Water Department said that the spewing was not an accident; she said it was necessary to flush out stagnant water in the pipelines.
“We do it all over the city, because the water doesn’t move a lot during the summer as people are vacationing and we have to get fresh water through the lines,” Zuniga said.
This isn’t the first time this same fire hydrant was spilling out water. The same procedure happened a few weeks ago at that intersection.
Zuniga said that was because the water testing hadn’t come back with optimal standards yet. She added that the Fort Worth Water Department prefers for their water to be above the standard.
“We like to keep things above the state level, above the standards,” she said.
Zuniga said that by law, Fort Worth must keep its water moving all the time to ensure that it is as fresh as possible.

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