Celebrity Dish (Ep. 05 – Celebrity Halloween, Mariah Carey and more)


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Join Taylor BoserĀ and Megan Guter as they discuss the latest in celebrity news and gossip.

On this week’s episode of Celebrity Dish, we talk about the best celebrity Halloween costumes. We also talk about Mariah Carey’s breakup, Prince Harry’s rumored new girlfriend and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 7 trailer.

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I am a senior journalism major from the great city of Chicago. Watching E! News while eating a Chipotle burrito is my favorite pastime. Go Cowboys!
Megan Guter is a senior journalism major and FTDM minor from New Orleans, Louisiana. Megan is an aspiring fashion icon and pop culture enthusiast. She loves reality television, boybands, and New Orleans to an extreme level. She is also a co-host at TCU's one and only celebrity entertainment podcast, Celebrity Dish. Geaux Frogs!