Former Executive Members of YAF, Erica King (left) and Margaret Ginn (right) pose with Steve Forbes after his lecture.

Former Executive Members of YAF, Erica King (left) and Margaret Ginn (right) pose with Steve Forbes after his lecture

TCU’s Young American’s for Freedom club hosted an American publishing executive and two-time candidate for the Republican Party nomination for President to speak about “how capitalism is the only thing that can save the us.”

Steve Forbes, editor-in-chief for business magazine Forbes, spoke during the hour-long event regarding issues that are preoccupying the United States such as healthcare.

“Steve Forbes is a great role model for all Republicans,” said economics major Hannah Saffle. “When TCU’s YAF offers us the opportunity to sit for an hour and listen to topics that are important to our Nation, I couldn’t say no.”

Students, staff and community members applauded Forbes as he walked on stage with his arm in a sling due to a broken elbow.

After introducing himself and explaining his injury, Forbes did not hesitate to start his lecture.

“Capitalism is moral,” he said. “If you look at the real world, how do you succeed?”

Forbes related success to capitalism, saying people succeed by meeting the needs and wants of other people.

“Without people knowing it, they become attentive to other people,” he said. “You ask people to buy something you’re selling. If they don’t want it then you won’t sell it, and if they do want it then you sell it and you both gain something.”

One example Forbes used to explain his theory is the construction for healthcare. He said the healthcare policy in America needs to be reformed.

“We don’t have real free markets in healthcare because the patients are not in charge,” Forbes said.

He said there needs to be nationwide shopping for health insurance because right now it is ran state by state. He added that people need to know exactly what they are paying for and how much their insurance is going to cover before walking into the hospital or clinic.

“We need to require hospitals and clinics to post their prices, deals, and how many people have died after they were admitted online or somewhere for the public to see,” Forbes said. “They also need to do a little more on flex billing because for example not everyone needs pregnancy coverage.”

Saffle said she agrees with Forbes idea of health insurance being a choice.

“If you want to live a certain way of life then you should suffer the consequences and the negative effects that it has if you do not get health insurance,” she said. “If you do get it and can afford it, then you can get the positive side of having it.”

“These changes are not going to happen overnight, but huge breakthroughs are coming and cures are in the light,” Forbes said.

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Shelby Kitson is a senior journalism student at Texas Christian University. When she is not in the newsroom or writing stories, she enjoys spending time with family and wake boarding.