The TCU campus commons were filled with wagging tails, wet noses and a lot of smiling students Tuesday night as part of a TheCrew event.

DogFest 2k17 was the first event of its kind to take place at TCU. It entertained both students and their hounds – offering stuffed toy dogs and raffle prizes.The idea for DogFest 2k17 originated from the thought that at this point in the year many freshmen students, as well as other students are thinking about their pets from home.

“We know a lot of freshmen really miss their dogs, so we thought we could bring dogs to them,” said Whitney Eversole, team leader for TheCrew.

Students enjoyed getting the chance to pet and play with all of the different breeds. The owners enjoyed the opportunity as well, like Julia Ankeny, a junior child development major.

Ankeny owns a service dog and saw the event as an opportunity for socialization.

“She’s a service dog, so when she’s working throughout the day she can’t say hi to other people,” said Ankeny. “I just thought it would be a good chance for her to get lots of pets and see other dogs.”

Other dog owners used the event as a way to meet other pup-lovers on campus.

“I saw an ad on the internet and noticed this is when I usually walk my dog,” said sophomore Jared Eitel. “I figured it was the best thing to get her out and socialize and be able to talk to everybody around her.”

Those who missed their puppy fix will get another opportunity next year at DogFest 2K18.

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