A faculty member leaves the lot east of the Moudy building. Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto

Formerly reserved for faculty, the parking lot east of the Moudy buildings is now open for students with commuter permits as well as faculty and staff– but the change will be short-lived.

A student searching for a parking spot drives
west on Princeton Avenue, past the lot behind Moudy.
Photo by Cristian ArguetaSoto

DeAnn Jones, head of parking and transportation services at the TCU Police Department, said the new interior design and fashion merchandising building as well as the revamped School of Music concert hall will begin construction this spring. The parking changes were made in anticipation of this construction.

The construction will eliminate current commuter parking spaces, but the changes should accommodate for lost space.

With students moving into the lot, some faculty members will have to move a block east to a lot at the intersection of Princeton Street and Parmer Avenue. Faculty members do not need to change their permits and can gain access to the lot with their TCU ID card.

Though the lot is only open for a finite time, commuter students are grateful for the convenient parking location while it lasts.

“This is much more convenient,” first-year engineering major Sergio Aguilar said. “Every day I wake up and I worry about where I’m going to park. Now it will be easier to find a spot and go to classes rather than driving around campus hoping to find a spot.”

Aguilar said he typically parks in the lot south of the Tom Brown/Pete Wright apartments and walks across campus to his classes in the Tucker Technology Center. The lot by Moudy is much more convenient for his commute.







Sophomore Akua Jonah said she has spent many late nights working in Moudy and is excited about the new lot.

“To be able to park in that lot as a commuter and not worry about being towed will be great,” Jonah said. “I study in that building, so this new lot is nice.”