TCU student data visualizations

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Below is an exploration of the TCU fact book presented in several data visualizations. They were created by reporting students in JOUR 30204.

Big 12 Graduation Rates

This data looks at the Graduation Success Rate (GSA) of football programs in the BIG 12 from 2013-2017. Over the past four years each university’s graduation success rate was influenced by the general academic caliber of the student athlete, as well as coaching changes, conference changes and scandals. The GSR calculates the percentage of student athletes who complete a Bachelor of Arts or Science in a six-year window. Unlike the federal gradation rate, GSR takes into account student athletes who transfer into a college. GSR does not punish colleges when student athletes transfer. Research done by the NCAA shows that GSR gives a more accurate student-athlete graduation rate than the Federal Graduation Rate.

A look at TCU STEM by gender

International Frogs

Fast facts about TCU

The cost of college life

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Bernice Ogbondah is a junior journalism major from Fort Worth, Texas. When she's not reporting you can find her curating playlists or furiously retweeting foreign affairs, political pundits and anything social justice.
Caroline Love graduated from TCU's journalism program in May 2019. During her senior year, she interned at KERA and C-SPAN in Washington D.C. If she's not working on a story, she's probably watching Friends.
Hunter Smith is a Sports Broadcasting major and Journalism minor from New Braunfels, Texas. Hunter has his own sports radio talk show you can tune into every Monday at six on KTCU 88.7. After graduation, Hunter hopes to find a job as a sports reporter and on-air talent.
Rachael Zimmerman (Zim) is a Spanish major and Journalism minor from Dallas, Texas. Her dream job is to be Guy Fieri’s assistant on “Diner’s, Drive-Ins and Dives,” but will happily host anywhere there is a burger involved.
Alexis Guerrero is a junior sports broadcasting and journalism double major from Fort Worth, Texas. She is a dog, baseball, and pizza enthusiast.
Corinne Hildebrandt is a sophomore journalism major and sociology minor from Wayne, Illinois. She enjoys staying active and has a difficult time sitting still for long periods of time. When she's not reporting, Corinne is most likely on the go exploring the many restaurants (and ice cream shops) that Fort Worth has to offer.
Gracie is a senior fashion merchandising major with a minor in journalism. She is passionate about all things communications and will be reporting on admissions and higher education at TCU. She drinks Diet Coke instead of coffee in the morning and is Chick-fil-A’s biggest fan.
Paloma Norton is a senior fashion merchandising major and journalism minor from Austin, Texas. When she's not out reporting on campus life at TCU, she's probably taking pictures of her food or scrolling through her Instagram feed. She's traveled to 17 different countries and welcomes suggestions on where her next adventure should be!
Erin Ratigan is a Headliners Foundation scholar and contributor to the "Fort Worth Weekly" news publication. She is a journalism major, sociology minor, and arts enthusiast.
Katie is a senior journalism major with a political science minor from Lake Oswego, Oregon. When she is not in class or reporting you can find her watching college football, coaching Special Olympics or giving a campus tour.
Ryan is a junior double majoring in journalism and history from Little Elm, Texas. He is an avid sports fan that enjoys all things TCU and Dallas related. When not in class you can find him in a Fort Worth eatery or marching on the 50.
Alexa is a sports broadcasting and journalism major. She's a Southern California native who's passionate about sports and people.
Alexa is the Audience Engagement Editor for TCU360. She is a journalism major and Spanish minor from Orange County, California. In her free time, Alexa loves reading about and watching sports.
Grace Amiss is a senior journalism major and managing editor for TCU360. When she is not reporting she is most likely raving about her golden retriever or taking a spin class. Grace is currently writing about student life at TCU, so feel free to drop her a line if you come across a story you feel is worth sharing!
Kelsey Emery is a Senior Journalism major from the San Francisco Bay Area, passionate about world relations and social justice issues. When she's not in the news room, though, she enjoys hanging out on Magnolia and exploring the Fort Worth area.
Mariana Rivas is a junior journalism major at TCU. A native of Caracas, Venezuela, she grew up in Houston, Texas. You can usually find her drinking coffee, hanging out with friends or writing about anything she is passionate about!
Taylor Sutton is a junior International Relations major from San Antonio, Texas. His passions include hiking, camping, and cheering on the Dallas Cowboys. Taylor aspires to work in the U.S. Department of State and hopes to become an Ambassador one day.