Frogs for Wellness Peer Educator applications are live.

A wellness center peer educator position is a university recognized leadership role that formed from a desire for student-to-student mentorship and education about health and wellness.

Currently, there are 14 peer educators and the organization is looking to increase in size, according to the Graduate Assistant in the TCU Wellness Center, Taylor Christenson.

There are two different peer education roles taking applications. The Frogs for Wellness Peer Educators, who do programming for health-related topics; including stress management, healthy sleep habits, sexual health and responsible alcohol use.

This fall, there will also be new Body Positivity Peer Educators. This group will focus on positive body image curriculum and topics such as eating disorders, intuitive/mindful eating and nutrition.


The program is a way to apply what is learned in the classroom to real-life scenarios for sophomore pre-med nutrition major Jena Littlefield.

“Being in this position means that I get to help others understand what being healthy really means (and that it is not just eating salads all the time) and hopefully raise awareness about many facets of health that student never considered before,” Littlefield said.

Being a Peer Educator turned into much more than a run-of-the-mill extracurricular activity for junior Molly McShane.

“The Wellness Center staff and the other peer educators have become like family to me,” McShane said. “Everyone in the group gets along so well and genuinely enjoys educating the rest of campus about all areas of wellness.”

Peer educator responsibilities include organizing education-based programs and activities, coordinate and publicize campus-wide awareness campaigns and prevention events and attending weekly peer educator meetings, along with allocating five hours a week to Wellness Center activities.

The center is not looking for specific position-based experience from student leaders. Their desired applicant is willing to join a team that is passionate about student health topics and passionate about reaching the student body to talk about wellness in the lives of college students.

The application deadline is April 9 at 5 p.m.

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