The Donation Station event will be held May 4-13 on campus.

Students whose suitcases and boxes are overflowing might consider sorting through their belongings and donating what they no longer want or need.

Donation stations will be set up around campus from May 4-13 so students can pass along clothing, bedding and room decorations from their rooms.

The program, known recently as Trash to Treasure, has been around for more than a decade.

This year, the Office of Community Engagement has partnered with Housing and Residence Life to urge students to donate to different organizations in the local community through the event.

The Salvation Army, Safe Haven, Children’s Miracle Network and Goodwill are just a few of the nonprofits benefiting.

The community, along with the nonprofits, will benefit from the program, according to director for community engagement Rosangela Boyd.

“TCU’s mission encourages us to educate students to think and act as responsible citizens,” she said. “In addition, this initiative encourages sustainability.”

Students can place their items in the donation boxes, which will be located in each residence hall and in nearby parking lots.

World Relief, one of the beneficiaries, said they are in need of winter clothes for refugees fleeing war in cold climates, medical supplies and other utilities for natural disasters.

“This effort ensures that items that would otherwise be left behind or thrown away at the end of the academic year are donated to nonprofit organizations that can make them available to their clients or sell them in their resale shops to raise money for their programs,” Boyd said.  

Sophomore pre-med major Ashlyn Deaton said she’s excited to donate some of her old items.

“I have so many supplies and decorations I won’t be using next year, so I will definitely be taking my things to these boxes to donate,” she said.

Students who would like more information or would like to make a donation can contact [email protected] or call (817)-257-7865.

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