The Brown Lupton Health Center is located right behind the Brown Lupton University Union on Stadium Dr. (Credit: TCU)

Updated 9/17: The TCU Health Center alerted the campus Monday morning that two more students have contracted the mumps.

The health center urged students to refrain from sharing drinks and eating utensils and to wash hands frequently.

Students should notify the health center if they have the mumps. Students with the mumps should stay home from class for five days. The best defense against the infection is a vaccination.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) reported between 50 and 99 confirmed cases of the mumps in the state of Texas as of Aug. 11. New York, Virginia, Illinois and Pennsylvania all have reported more than 100 cases.

This story will continue to be updated as more information is made available to TCU360. 

9/5: TCU is working with the county health department to track students who may have come in contact with a student who has the mumps.

The viral infection affects the parotid glands, salivary glands and the front of the ears. The email lists symptoms such as swollen or tender salivary glands, swollen or tender testicles, fever, fatigue or muscle aches.

Director of the TCU Health Center, Dr. Jane Torgerson, notified faculty and staff about the case Wednesday afternoon.

“TCU has been working with Tarrant County Public Health to identify and contact other students who may have been exposed,” the email stated.

This is the only reported case of mumps.

A two-dose series of the measles and rubella vaccine should be documented in an individual’s record. Please contact the Student Health Center at 817-257-7940 with any questions or concerns.

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