Former student sentenced to six months in British jail


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Jeffrey “Tanner” Libby, 21, was sentenced to six months in a British jail / Photo from Metropolitan Police

A former TCU student is serving six months in a British jail after pleading guilty to three counts of assault occasioning bodily harm and one count of drunkness on an aircraft.

Jeffrey “Tanner” Libby, former news and media studies major, was flying on a British Airways flight from London to Dallas Dec. 17, according to Metro, and had received a break up text from his then-girlfriend.

On the flight, Libby downed a “litre [sic] of Bacardi”, according to The Daily Mail. After the plane hit turbulence, Libby began to punch and kick the seat in front of him, according to reports. Crew members asked him to calm down, but instead he spat and bit crew members who tried to restrain him, according to reports.

The pilot returned to London instead of flying to Dallas as scheduled, according to Metro.

This story was updated 1/22 to reflect Libby’s current status at TCU.