Fort Worth police said they must take action to stop citizen complaints about off-campus parties.

The Fort Worth police department is investigating two cases of someone impersonating an officer; the most recent encounter was near TCU.

Robert Rangel, TCUPD’s assistance chief of police, sent an email Friday informing students and faculty about the latest incident.

According to the email, the imposter tried to stop a driver Thursday near South University Drive and West Berry Street. The driver refused to stop and reported the incident to the Fort Worth police.

The impersonator, who was driving a black Dodge Charger with older Texas license plates, used a red ‘bubble’ light to attempt to pull over the other driver, Rangel wrote. There is no description of the suspect.

The Fort Worth police department is investigating another case involving a police impostor that happened on Feb. 18 near Interstate 820 and Team Ranch Road. The driver of the black Dodge Charger pulled a woman over and sexually assaulted her, the Star-Telegram reported.

Drivers who are concerned they are being stopped by an imposter are advised to slow down, activate the hazard lights and drive to a well-lit public area such as a gas station or business. Drivers should call 911 to verify that they’re being stopped by Fort Worth police officer.

To avoid dangerous situations, try to always travel in pairs and walk or drive down well-lit pedestrian routes.

If you have any information on either of the cases or have been involved in a situation with a police officer impersonator, please contact Tarrant County Crime Stoppers at 817-469-8477, the Fort Worth police department at 817-392-4222 or the TCU police at 817-257-7777.

The story will be updated as the cases develop.

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