The TEXRail station in Fort Worth has been operating since the end of January. Image courtesy of Trinity Metro.

The TEXRail station in Fort Worth has been fully operating for two months and is already looking to expand.

Board members of the Trinity Metro credit the “overwhelmingly positive” response to the luxury of leaving a car behind and not having to worry about traffic.

“The ride is consistent and timely without the risk of getting stuck in traffic on the highway,” said Laura Hanna, the director of communications for Trinity Metro. “Passengers have the opportunity to sit back and relax instead of driving and worrying about what time they will arrive.”

Passengers of the Trinity Metro range from tourists, families and friends taking day trips, and employees who work along the 27-mile train route.

The company gains ridership from commuting employees thanks to its EasyRide commuter program, which gives a 25 percent discount to companies who enroll.

“DFW Airport alone has more than 62,000 employees, and we have been contacted by airline employees and others along the route who are interested in commuting on TEXRail,” Hanna said.

The TEXRail station in Fort Worth has been operating since the end of January. Image courtesy of Trinity Metro.

TEXRail’s opening weekend had 11,114 passengers. The daily average has fluctuated since then, but board members don’t doubt the success of this company.

“Ridership has declined as we anticipated, but we have no doubt that TEXRail will continue to be a popular choice for North Texans, tourists and travelers,” said a board member.

While competition may be stiff with car services such as Uber and Lyft, the Trinity Metro expects their demand to stay stable due to their “premium service at a fraction of a cost of the on-demand services.”

A one-way ticket is $2.50 and a day pass is $5. The day pass gives riders access to all of Trinity Metro’s rail and bus services in Tarrant County.

The station is looking to expand by adding four different routes: the Medical District, TCU/Berry Street, Hulen/Granbury and Summer Creek.  

Hanna said the plan is to extend the line one station at a time, so the routes would be developed in four phases.

The first phase, the Medical District, is in the planning stage with no specific timeline.

Board members said this train includes a sleek European design with a model the first of its kind in the United States.

Other features include vertical bike racks, level boarding, seat back tray tables, USB charging ports and a designated quiet car.

“What also sets us apart is that we have conductor who is in the train with passengers throughout the trip,” Hanna said. “The TEXRail experience is not like any other option in the DFW area.”

The Trinity Metro is open seven days a week and during holidays. Bus fares, schedules and more information can be found on their website.