What we’re reading: Verdict in Guyger case, Zuckerberg audio comments leaked

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Fired Dallas Police Officer Amber Guyger listens as her attorneys make arguments during her murder trial, Monday, Sept. 23, 2019, in Dallas. Guyger went on trial in the shooting death of a black neighbor as attorneys sparred over whether the officer was distracted by a phone call when she mistook the neighbor’s apartment for her own and the victim for an intruder. (Tom Fox/The Dallas Morning News via AP, Pool)

Ex-Dallas officer found guilty of murder

A jury found former Dallas police officer Amber Guyger guilty of murder Tuesday for the shooting of her neighbor. 

Guyger walked into the wrong apartment and shortly after, she shot and killed Botham Jean, 26, who was sitting on his couch eating ice cream.  

Guyger is the first Dallas police office to be convicted since the 1970s.

Text messages on Guyger’s phone revealed she used racist and vulgar language when talking about people of color.

Guyger is now awaiting sentencing.

Zuckerberg threatens to sue US government if they try to break up big tech

Zuckerberg walks to meetings for technology regulations and social media issues on Sept. 19, 2019, in Capitol Hill, Washington, D.C.  (BRENDAN SMIALOWSKI/AFP/Getty Images)

In leaked audio comments Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg said if Elizabeth Warren becomes president he would have no choice but to sue the U.S. government. 

Warren has vowed to break up “big tech” companies like Amazon, Google and Apple saying collectively they have too much power.

According to Fox News, Zuckerberg isn’t happy fighting against his own government but said if someone is going to threaten something that existential you “go and fight.”

“My plan to break up big tech would undo their illegal, anticompetitive mergers,” said Warren. “They’ll have to compete with each other to make a better product for you.”

Her administration would “appoint regulators committed to reversing illegal and anti-competitive tech mergers.”

CVS, Walgreens pull popular over the counter drug Zantac

Zantac. Photo Courtesy of USA Today

Zantac has been pulled from shelves due to low levels of a cancer-linked impurity. 

The Food and Drug Administration said they discovered that Zantac and other common heartburn drugs contain low levels of nitrosodimethylamine, a carcinogen which damages DNA directly in the cells.

 According to CNN, CVS said that customers who purchased the drug can return it for a refund. 

FDA said patients taking prescription ranitidine who wish to discontinue use should talk to their health care professional about other treatment options. 

Secretary of State says he was on the call between President Trump and Ukraine President

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said he was on the controversial phone call between President Donald Trump and President Zelensky of Ukraine. 

It was the same phone call that led to the whistleblower complaint that motivated House Democrats to launch a formal impeachment inquiry.

Pompeo was recently subpoenaed over his failure to provide documents pertaining to Ukraine.

“We will, of course, do our constitutional duty to cooperate,” Pompeo said. “But we are going to do so in a way that is consistent with the fundamental values of the American system.”