Alexa Hines

Alexa is the Audience Engagement Editor for TCU360. She is a journalism major and Spanish minor from Orange County, California. In her free time, Alexa loves reading about and watching sports.

Shutdown nears 30-day mark

This marks the longest government shutdown with no solution in sight.

What we’re reading: the Supreme Court’s big decision

Nancy Pelosi is making headlines as the new House majority approaches.

What is Title IX?

Title IX is a hot topic in the news lately, so here are some common questions answered.

What we’re reading: Shooting, suspensions and firings

There was a deadly mass shooting in California, Acosta was suspended, Sessions was fired and much more is happening in today's headlines.

Social media and fashion companies encourage young voters to get to...

Companies are using different strategies to encourage young people to vote in the midterm election.

What we’re reading: Bombs, Trump and Tweets

Trump sent a few tweets and there is more news with the mail bombs.

What we’re reading: FBI reviews and legislation

The Senate is looking over the FBI's review of Kavanaugh, Bernie Sanders has some new legislation and a judge blocked the Trump administration from deporting immigrants.

Weekend hosted by TCU Nursing to support healthy choices

Nursing weekend invites TCU community to abstain from alcohol and drugs for 72 hours.

What We’re Reading: Not My Attorney General

Today in the news, two gunmen make major headlines, along with Amazon, President Trump and more.

TCU scores four runs in ninth to win against Stephen F....

TCU gets win after breaking a 4-4 tie against Stephen F. Austin.

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