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Funky Town Fridge: an act of community solidarity

TCU is hosting a food drive to benefit Funky Town Fridge, a food bank with a spin.

What we’re reading: U.S. welcomes foreign travelers back, President Biden’s approval...

International travel increases, Biden's approval rate drops, a viral Tik Tok trend saves a domestic abuse victim and more of what we're reading.

Chancellor speaks on COVID-19 regulations at town hall meeting

Chancellor Boschini spoke on the possibility of changes in COVID-19 regulations at TCU during the town hall meeting on Oct. 28.

Honors faculty encourages vaccine mandate

TCU Honors faculty proposed a vaccine mandate, as TCU looks for new ways to protect the purple.

‘Horns Down’: a conversation about the necessity of unsportsmanlike conduct penalties

Unsportsmanlike conduct penalties in college football: what they are and why they're needed.

What we’re reading: Facebook whistleblower testifies, sexual abuse reports in the...

Facebook whistleblower Frances Haugen testifies before Senate, report shows over 200,000 sexual abuse cases in the French Catholic Church and decline of coral reefs in what we're reading.

Greek social events return to TCU

Greek social events return to TCU for the first time since early 2020.

TCU builds spirit with new tradition on Fridays

A parade through campus the day before home games is TCU's newest tradition.

What We’re Reading: FDA approves first COVID-19 vaccine, Ida makes landfall,...

Pfizer is approved by the FDA, Hurricane Ida makes landfall in Louisiana, U.S. troops pull out of Afghanistan, seven Black men pardoned 70 years after execution and Texas abortion ban is now in full effect, and more.
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