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Alexandra Preusser

Alexandra Preusser is a sophomore journalism major and business minor from Wilmington, North Carolina. She has worked with TCU360 as a sports journalist. She is also an intern with the TCU Athletics Communications Department.

TCU alumna shares her story as a survivor of breast cancer

Haleigh Curlee was pronounced cancer free in July and wants to help educate others during breast cancer awareness month.
Common Grounds is located on Greene Avenue. (Alex Preusser/Staff Reporter)

Common Grounds coffee shop is more than a new study spot...

Common Grounds is a new coffee shop near campus that also hosts church services on Sunday.
Reed Hall is one of the buildings that is home to the AddRan College of Liberal Arts.

AddRan dean focuses on providing ‘top-notch’ education this semester

Dr. Sonja S. Watson, the new dean of the AddRan College of Liberal Arts, said she wants to increase the number of faculty of color.

California wildfires and their impact on TCU students

California wildfires are affecting TCU students in different ways.

Game on: Students can play intramural sports

TCU has adapted intramural sports to COVID-19 guidelines to give students a safe, on-campus opportunity.

On-campus dining changes amid the pandemic

TCU has changed on-campus dining to adjust to COVID-19 restrictions and regulations.

How COVID-19 is affecting weddings

Weddings are one of many events being affected by COVID-19.

Baseball players hope to compete during summer

COVID-19 is affecting summer plans for collegiate baseball players.

College of Education announces new dean

The College of Education selected its new dean.

What we’re reading: Coronavirus in U.S., Super Tuesday

Coronavirus spreads to the United States, Bloomberg drops out of race, missing residents in Tennessee counties from tornadoes, and U.S. airstrikes on the Taliban.

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