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Ariana Williams


Counseling and mental health center implement changes to better assist students

New changes to the counseling and mental health center look to aid students and their mental health

Music group builds foundation, friendship for 2 TCU students

Two TCU students form a bond through their individual creativity and a group titled 8 Way.

Fraternity looks to highlight minority women through pageant

Miss Black and Gold pageant put on by TCU's chapter of the Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity looks to uplift minority women

25 years of legacy: Women and gender studies at TCU

Women and gender studies celebrates its 25 year anniversary on campus.

What we’re reading: Arrest warrant issued for former Fort Worth police...

The nation's longest auto strike in more than two decades also came one step closer to ending Tuesday.

Creating an organization at TCU: Difficult but rewarding

With determination and dedication, students can create organizations to fill gaps in the community.

Wall of integration highlights history of campus inclusion

The Mary Couts Burnett Library recently set up an exhibit explaining integration at TCU.
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