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Friday, September 25, 2020
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Astrid Souto


TCU student tests positive for COVID-19 twice

Mary Price Montagnet contracted COVID-19 twice this semester and said other people could too if they aren't careful.

Nursing students concerned about not reaching required clinical quotas

TCU's nursing students fear not being able to graduate on time due to missing time because of COVID-19 exposure or infection.

What we’re reading: House Democrats prepare for first public impeachment hearings

The ambassador said the aides implored her to undermine the president to "save the country."

TCU looks to keep students safe while studying abroad

TCU's study abroad program added a new app in order to help keep students safe.

What we’re Reading: Johnson & Johnson agree to settle in major...

The pharmaceutical company is the fourth drugmaker to settle in the multi-state opioid trial.

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